reflections, dreams, and realities

Solo show


Goethe Institute, Beirut, Lebanon

The paintings in this solo show reflect my ambiguity. I live between two conflictual realities: one is inner, the other, unclear, unlimited. So, I take my brush and palette and I look forward to escape some realities to reorganize them in my pictorial space and eventually find a compromise between them, not to mention that my source of inspiration is the conflict itself.

Transparence, 2002                                                         

Oil on canvas – 50 x 40 cm

The interior space, which is my studio and the exterior space, the cityscape, are constantly dialoguing together. In my imaginary world one space is trying to dominate the other but failing. I am comfortably living in this in-between world that I created through my paintings.

When I came back from my residency in Vienna, I was painting in the style of overlapping interior paintings with the cityscape. The cityscapes that I used to paint, are now woven with views of my studio/interior. It is my way to show the tension between my inner world and everything outside of it.

In this solo show I like to project familiar images – to corners of my cherished interiors – on reflected images of the city.

Like every young person that attempts in creating their own world; I too dream and create my own world. A mood which may be facing an unstable socio-economic environment. 

Rêverie sur le toit - 2002

Oil on canvas – 70 x 50 cm

Dialog– 2002

Oil on canvas – 40 x 50 cm 

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