a cactus story

This cactus in the clay pot was an ordinary cactus in our balcony. 

Forty years ago,  a blind bullet hit the pot in the middle of its belly and created a hole. From that hole, the mother cactus above  sent her roots to recreate a new spear; a new baby cactus was born just like a fountain of life.

Even though our house was completely destroyed,  the ceiling was on the floor and there was dust and mess everywhere… My father Shahé decided to keep this clay pot with its cactus, with its hole and, new born baby cactus.

Forty years ago I did not understand. I thought that this pot should have been thrown away  because of its anomaly .  Today, I see things differently. Is it possible that, in the middle of war  that blind bullet opened a window to a new life to emerge??

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