Maral Der Boghossian (born 1976)

Painter Maral, holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Faculté d’Architecture et de Beaux-Arts Université Libanaise (FBAA-UL-2). She has held three solo exhibitions so far; in 2002 at the Goethe Institute, in 2003 at the Musée de Cilicie, Antelias, and in 2012 at Alwane Gallery, Saifi, Beirut. In 2001, she was awarded artist-in-residence in Vienna, Austria under the patronage of Unesco-Aschberg Fund.
Maral teaches in Faculté des Beaux-Arts et d’Architecture-Université Libanaise (FBAA-2-UL) since 2007.

She recently took part in the festivities of Armenian Art Experience Switzerland 1st Edition

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  Seeking Home: Visual Art and Intergenerational Trauma by Lilian Avedian

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