My approach reflects the layers of my multicultural identity. In my paintings I am narrating in a poetic way my belonging to many cultures and traditions that are sometimes complementary and some other times opposing each other. The drawings of my paintings are interfering with patterns of Caucasian and Persian carpets and figures from Armenian and Persian miniatures. The cultures are weaved to each other just as are weaved the colored patterns of a carpet.

It is a pleasure for me to talk and paint about my multicultural identity which is born from the mixture of many oriental cultures with a tendency to westernize, but without letting off the fascination for the charm of the east.

Introducing patterns of carpets in a cityscape is my way to appropriate the urban space. The predominance of the vertical and horizontal lines is interrupted by the presence of geometric floral patterns that add a touch of paradise to my city, to an interior scene or to other simple objects.

The miniature figures are animating the space and trying to reconcile the cultures.

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